Terms + Conditions

Terms + Conditions

Looking cool is awesome. We totally agree. Made in Trexico swag is awesome too….that is not in question. Getting your awesome self in touch with our awesome swag so you can look awesome together is important to us! However, we are not Amazon. What we mean is, please be patient when you order. You have our word that your products will arrive as fast as possible. (Made In Trexico drone shipping arriving in 2029)

At Made In Trexico, we are never gonna’ give you up. We are never going to let you down. Heck, we’re never gonna’ turn around and desert you. If something isn’t going the way you like, shoot us an email and we’ll get you taken care of. We promise.

Should you find yourself in a fashion emergency and Made in Trexico swag is not immediately available, we recommend going to the mall with a friend and hitting up Hot Topic. (Tell not a soul)


Shipping + Handling

Our shipping rates are fixed and we do this to make things simple.

For most Made In Trexico items, there are two ways to get your hands on the products: Shipped from us or shipped direct from the artist who made them. When we have something listed for sale on our site, it means we have it in stock (aside for any pre-orders listed which will be clearly marked). Sometimes that is not the case with our awesome associates who make a lot of their cool swag to order.

Official MDFI® Swag: If you wish to purchase any of the MDFI swag and do not want to pay shipping, you may purchase it at ANY MDFI class (cash/check only). However, if you want the convince of purchasing online via Credit Card, you must pay shipping and handling.