MDFI Shemagh


If you spend any time in the sun, outdoors, or in a suit, the shemagh is a force multiplier. Use it to shade yourself from the sun, hide from an ex, or cool yourself off in the shade. The uses and configurations are only left to your imagination. Embroidered MDFI logo in corner.

44″ x 44″

Cotton / Poly Blend

This limited edition shemagh was developed in partnership with Combat Flip Flops. Sourced, loomed and embroidered in Kabul, Afghanistan, this  shemagh has a story to tell.

For each piece sold, Combat Flip Flops donates funds to put an Afghan woman in secondary school for one day. This program is in partnership with Boumi Manufacturing and The Aid Afghanistan for Education Foundation. Look good. Feel good. Do Good.

What You’re Supporting:

  • A Veteran Owned Business
  • Women’s Education
  • Business, not Bullets
  • Funds 1 Day of Secondary School For An Afghan Girl

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