About the Company

What started years ago with doodles on scratch paper to make friends laugh a little morphed into a love for DIY projects and the admiration of other talented Americans who share the passion to create.

Made in Trexico is a virtual bastion for all of those who enjoy awesome, unique, and one-of-a-kind items.

Quite simply, our goals are this: To highlight and support Americans who are making awesome kit for those looking to pass by the “made by the millions” products that are out there. When it comes to the items you will find here, they are proudly “Made in the USA” unless that is specifically part of their allure. (i.e. a Nepalese Khukuri)


To offer our customers stuff that you wont find everywhere else. The things we sell here often have a story, a message, and hard work of a DIY’er behind them. If it’s mass produced out of cheap material for “normal consumption” – You won’t find it here.

This is not a job for us. This is sharing with friends. We hope you enjoy.

– Trek and Allison